Sunday, May 23, 2010

Oh No, Summer for Tall People?

(top left: oversized pocket racerback tank, $10 - CharlotteRusse, bottom left: fragrant knit top, $19.80 - Forever21, center: lace back asymmetric hem top, $38 - Redopin @, right: oversized tshirt, $38 - Redopin @

This summer, I am all about oversized tees and sleeveless tops.
Not only are they super comfy - especially in the ickiest, humid weather possible ... surprisingly, they compliment you too! Well first of all, I need to make something clear. They say short people have trouble finding clothes that compliment their figure and elongate their height. But, as a 5'7'', I have to say it is just as hard for us tall people to dress too! At often times, I end up making myself appear even taller, thinner, and giant-like than I really am. People always assume I'm 5'8''-_-, and my aunt who is probably around 5'2 or 3, ALWAYS buys me clothes that are Large and shoes that are 9 or 10! --- I 'm a Small and a size 8 1 / 2!!! : (

So I came to one conclusion. Maybe this is already common sense for you, but in case you don't already know --- tall people, AVOID VERTICAL LINES, PERFECT-FIT, SHORT TOPS, QUARTER SLEEVES, and CAPRIS. Okay well, that doesn't mean you can't ever wear those things. You just have to know how to balance them out with other things, rather than wearing them by themselves. So let me explain what I mean.

VERTICAL LINES - Say you have a long top that ends halfway before your knees. Now, by itself, it will create the illusion of a long torso. The pro of this is that if it is a short sleeve, it is okay to wear it alone with a normal pair of jeans because the sleeves help make your arms look less long, and consequently, the length of the top shortens your legs. To complete the look or to further "shrink" my height, I would usually throw in a small vest or jacket. (Not ones that are just as long! You want to create horizontal lines or "layers".) Sometimes a belt would even work too. The point is, as long as you have horizontal lines too, you are fine.

(left: ribbed cardigan, $20 - Puffy @ 
(left: inset jeweled vest and print top, $28 - Puffy @

PERFECT FIT - I don't know. Some people like their height and like to show it off. But if you are like me, and you find yourself feeling a bit awkward in a crowd because you stand out like a giraffe, then don't wear clothes that cling to you or are super fitting. The reason why not is because technically, our limbs and structure are much longer than everyone else's =/... so instead of wearing clothes that are exactly our length, we have to turn to those that are actually much more exaggerated or abstract ^ ^;; Hence, roomier, drapier, longer clothing! -But this is tricky, don't wear TOO much of it that it starts to look like you just tumbled out of your daddy's closet! Choose one favorite "abstract" piece of clothing and then balance it with a fitting piece!

SHORT TOPS - We're starting to see a lot of super short, wide tops now, I have a few of my own too. Here's how you're supposed to wear them (or at least, how I do) - right over a longer / fitting top or even a dress. The con about short tops is that if paired wrong with the rest of your outfit, you will end up making your legs or the bottom half of your figure look stretched out, or longer.

And you know, layers not only help proportonize, but they also add a spark of creativity and edge to your look. You're probably thinking though, that the layering days are gone with winter now, well not quite!

Thanks to these fun and lightweight/thin clothes, summer can go layers too!

(above: that's me in my outfit of the day haha)

QUARTER SLEEVES & CAPRIS - Same deal; when paired incorrectly, they will make your arms and legs look longer. Imagine wearing quarter sleeves WITH capris! O_O Oh no, then you'd look like a you've totally outgrown your clothes haha. (But for average height people, this is okay to do.) So what to do about that then? : / Hm .. you can either wear quarter sleeves with long bottoms or shorts, and capris with a long sleeves or a long top with short sleeves. -Again, I recommend a roomy top with your capris.

(<- knit top, $18/ cropped jeans, $35 - Puffy @

Here's another question for you----Do you absolutely LOVE heels and want to wear them to look cute or charming but only end up looking "awkward" or HOT? (A very confident word yes, but in this case, a negative!)

Yes, I've had this problem before too. : (  (But thankfully I'm a bigger fan of flats and comfort so I don't really wear heels that much. XD)
Well if you want to keep your heels, then you should! Don't feel like you have to throw them away or shun yourself from wearing them because of this! Just remember to balance, balance, and balance! Wear a super wide comfy top-together with shorts and heels-preferably ankle or tall boots and you should look rather dashing! (Yay for horizontal lines!)
Of course, there's nothing we can really do about our height so at least we have to thank God there are so many clothes that allow us to illusionize / balance! After spending my high school years feeling all this awkwardness, I've finally grown to love my figure and proportion! You really have to appreciate yours, too, and think, what beautiful long legs or arms or torso you have. Never feel that just because the average people around you are shorter than you, there are no clothes to look good on you! Just choose the right ones and find the most comfortable you!! :)

Here's a BIG clue if you want something to remember by from this post, and that's---BIG things, shrink you. SMALL things, expand you. So if you are short and you have BIG objects on you (accessories or wide clothing) they will only make you look even smaller! Vice versa, if you are tall and you have SMALL objects on you, they will make you look bigger. So flip the two! ;)-And that's why I found my happiest resort for the summer! --- BIG TEES AND SHORTS / LEGGINGS WITH FLIP FLOPS / HIGH TOP SNEAKERS!!

What's your look for the summer?

PS: Sorry, I think I lied when I wrote in my first entry, that that was going to be my only longest post HAHA! Oh well, I guess I meant to say, it'll be my only boring-ist post. : D

PPS: This post was originally for those who have trouble accepting their height and need help on how to dress so they don't stand out like a giant, but as a natural, beautiful person. So if you actually love emphasizing the wonderful height and long limbs you have, then very good! Please don't feel insulted by this post-I am not trying to tell you to hide them! Haha ~ ^ o ^


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Joe said...

Ivy, I'm very impressed with your blog so far! I especially love how technical and practical you make fashion appear. However, I have just one question: What about us short people? The advice you had for tall people and what they wear seemed extremely helpful, but I'm pretty short (as you've already noticed). So, if you don't mind, would it be possible for you to post some advice for a fashion-retarded, short person like me? LoL! I'd be forever grateful (and more at ease) with what I wear! =P


Ivy Wan said...

Hi Joey!!!

Thanks for reading! Oh yes! I was going to put one up for 'short people'! :P Am still working on it though, no worries!! And actually a lot of what I wrote for 'tall people' can be practical for 'short people' too! I'll explain which ones on my next entry! =] Thanks so much for letting me know--I'm so happy I can help out!!

<3 Ivy

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