Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Stripes and Flowers

(I actually wrote this two days ago but I didn’t have time to post it up until now)

I just came back from Urban Outfitters after a pretty relaxing family trip to the National Aquarium today (there was one nearby so I just had to drop in!!), and I saw SOOO many things I wanted to get!! –But sadly, I could only bite my lip and stare at them on the rack (imagine me standing there forever and looking suspicious) because I promised myself that I’d only shop once a month if I have to, and I already did so this month ; _;… (But I know I'll run into them again later on!!) —Okay so here are what I spotted.

A lovely striped, long tee with cute little buttons on the quarter sleeves ($38).

I like how the stripes don’t begin immediately but rather from chest down but not all the way. This style is quite popular now as you’ve probably already been seeing many similar copies of it. Cute, sassy, and simple. It’s so easy to match in any outfit—it is the perfect basic top to have in your wardrobe!

A gorgeous, pocket-full, leather satchel ($68).
 I’ve been looking for one of these things everywhere lately!! And now I’ve found it! I absolutely love how it has a pocket on each side and not only does it have handles, it also has a shoulder strap—hence a ‘luggage’/messenger bag’ kind of feel. (The look is too cool.) And the size of it is awesome! I adore big, roomy, soft—and apparently from the looks of my recent taste, quite old-looking material things! I was so excited to see it—and I’m not even a huge bag-fan type of girl.

Hm.. I thought I wasn’t ever going to be fond of floral prints either. But when I saw this gorgeous blue chiffon dropwaist dress ($58), it made me second glance at it and then I thought, …what pretty colors…! Rather than your usual ‘grandmother’s old table cloth’ print, it looked to me like a handful of wild flowers gently tossed into a pond of dark blue. And because the material is light and chiffon, in movement, it is starting to look to me now like the wind made the water ripple and flowers scatter along the flutters! (Sorry not trying to sound like a crazy fashion blogger now… ^^;; But seriously, don’t you think so…? XD) I’m sure if a cute little, white, knit, short sleeve jacket were thrown over it, topped with a straw fedora, it’d be a beautiful combination! ^^ (Too bad I haven’t worn a dress either in ages—me and my pants HA— Look what these trends did to me. -_- They made me talk about bags and dresses. )

So much to choose from!!! *drool*

But I don’t know about these jumpers. Not quite something  I'd wear but the model really makes you change your mind. o.o What do you think?

(ruffle floral print jumpsuit, $34.20 - Puffy @

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