Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Everything But Fashion

Hey!! It’s been TOO long of a time since I’ve updated this blog---Sorry!! Ivy grew busy like a buzzing bee (again) these past few weeks. Because my friend was leaving to study abroad in Italy soon, I went to visit her and spend a few days with her and another dear friend of mine that I haven’t seen in ages. Ah, I really miss you two so much already. Thank you for taking me to sooooo many great places with great food (HAHA!!) and making me laugh endlessly. The time we spent was filled with YEARS of memories ..but felt so short. I pray that the day all three of us (four, including Derek!) meet again, will be at school.. and that it will come soon!!! ^^

Food we had, to add to great times:

Liang Mian - Chinese cold noodles  by Sandy


Omelette (cheese, chicken, spinach, and mushrooms) made by Sandy

Taro & Strawberry bubble tea


100% raspberry juice

French toast topped with berries and cream

Spinach quiche

Korean Jajjang-ramen with Guacamole & Chips

Cupcake making~!

Pretty cupcakes by us :)
....So as you can see, as usual, we did more eating than shopping bwahahaha. …After struggling to return back to my usual diet, however, I reluctantly returned to my usual work life as well. —That is, until one day, I got a surprise call from JCrew. xD Totally unexpected. But guess what—I got the job!

Since I disappeared for a while, I owe you an explanation. XD


Casual. And …bewildering? So I rushed there right after I got off from work and managed to arrive RIGHT on the dot, only… a bit frustrated that I had to be seen in my usual UPS work attire. (So embarrasing! And the least flattering.) The manager was beyond kind and friendly. My first surprise here, was when she led me out the store to the nearest bench around the corner of the mall. (I thought I was going to be sitting in her office XD.) The next surprise was, I was never once asked about my work experience. (Stumped!)
Instead, she was more interested in the school I went to and what kind of work I did there. Oh, don’t get me wrong though—I am definitely not complaining. The interview turned into such an exciting conversation that I had completely forgotten to be nervous. I was immediately spun with a thirst of stories to tell. It was lots of fun but it had me leaving, a bit confused and clueless as to what her answer was. (Even now, I am still rather stunned and speechless haha! But very, very grateful.)


Monday was actually my first day of work ^_^. Though I literally spent most of my time standing behind the counter going through a thick trainee’s guidebook with my manager, I couldn’t help but feel tirelessly refreshed and intrigued by the silliest things possible. Yes, the shiny wooden counter… the screen on the computer, the tag scanners, oh—but the VIEW of the store from the counter was the loveliest. I get my own walkie talkie with earpiece too! How’s that for coolness? (I still need to remember to press the button when I talk though lol...) —And I need to tell you HOW startling it was when customers started to come up to me. (I was the only one at the counter after my manager left for a bit.) Luckily, having watched enough from Amanda’s demonstrations, I remained calm and greeted the customers happily, walking myself through the transaction… and transaction. I did it! Two whole transactions all by myself! WOOT!! (Pat on the shoulder)

And that was it.

Hahahahaha. Finally, time came for the store to close. This was the BEST part of the day for me. I got to go around the entire store reorganizing the clothes and making sure everything looked as perfect as they can be. So you can probably imagine a love struck smile stuck on my face as I’m diligently folding button-ups and persistently lining the clothes on the racks by their color. And you’re wondering why this girl is so easily amazed by everything she touches and sees..

My friends, you have got to see—no, BE at the mall after closing!! It is the most magical moment of all. I can’t explain it but even though the lights are dim and the stores are closed, just walking through it by yourself and seeing a few others still putting things together before the end of the day, feels kind of peaceful. Instead of swarms of people and loud noises, all you see are clothes, and it’s like they’re beautifully frozen in time.

Hahahaha just listen to me talk (or read what I write), I sure sound like a psycho. OBSESSED!!! Hahaha noooo, I am not~~ TT^TT… I just never (dared to) imagined that this would happen. Once upon a time, I had daydreamed about walking through an all arts school surrounded by students alike, with bags of supplies and artwork tucked under their arms. And then ---Voila. Somehow I ended up at FIT years later. And I had also dreamed of having the mall to myself when it’s closed—I imagined all kinds of things, that there would be sparkles in the air if I looked up and then I’d know that the pretty mannequins would come alive (hahaha!!! Now that sounds a bit scary, I know, but well, have you seen Korean girl band, SNSD’s Gee music video?? LOLOL!!! That was what it was like. Kinda. Minus all the vomiting “cuteness”. xDDDD… Sorry I am not a fan!! But I like the concept…? :D) And well, here I am! I truly thank God (thank You, dear Father!) for granting this silly, clueless girl’s dreams. Hahahaha. Ah, I am still not reacting correctly to all of this. I think one day, it will finally hit me.

Anyhow, along with my first successful day of training at Jcrew, I also got a lottt of sneak peeks and fun facts about our brand! So I’ll be sharing with you a few of my favorites in the next entry! Thanks for reading! ^ ^

<3 Ivy

Friday, August 6, 2010


I've been asked to interview at J.Crew next Wednesday!! So excited!!! I really hope I'll get the job because I've been dreaming to work there for a while. 'Got to LOVE being surrounded by people who are just as enthusiastic about clothes--and not just any clothes! I'm talking about adorably layered up with down to earth pastels and chic! Voila~ Here's a sneak peak of what I saw and liked from J.Crew's pre-fall lookbook. :)

ARM WARMERS. Oh my God, I've been wanting my own ones since LAST winter!!! Am I so happy to see them again x) I always think they give you a mysterious, cat-like aura hahaha. I also love fur too--if it's FAUX, that is. I have... a bubble jacket with a bountiful fur-trimmed hood, a vest that's entirely fur, and ..another vest that has a furry hood. The texture is just so interesting and adds character!

Check out these Oxfords!
Whether heeled or flat, you just can't overpower their humble and modest silhouette, beaming with classic etiquette. Don't underestimate them either! Though slick and solid, they speak absolute cuteness, especially when worn with leggings or even a pair of comfy, trouser socks!

What's Falling into your spotlight this year?