Friday, August 6, 2010


I've been asked to interview at J.Crew next Wednesday!! So excited!!! I really hope I'll get the job because I've been dreaming to work there for a while. 'Got to LOVE being surrounded by people who are just as enthusiastic about clothes--and not just any clothes! I'm talking about adorably layered up with down to earth pastels and chic! Voila~ Here's a sneak peak of what I saw and liked from J.Crew's pre-fall lookbook. :)

ARM WARMERS. Oh my God, I've been wanting my own ones since LAST winter!!! Am I so happy to see them again x) I always think they give you a mysterious, cat-like aura hahaha. I also love fur too--if it's FAUX, that is. I have... a bubble jacket with a bountiful fur-trimmed hood, a vest that's entirely fur, and ..another vest that has a furry hood. The texture is just so interesting and adds character!

Check out these Oxfords!
Whether heeled or flat, you just can't overpower their humble and modest silhouette, beaming with classic etiquette. Don't underestimate them either! Though slick and solid, they speak absolute cuteness, especially when worn with leggings or even a pair of comfy, trouser socks!

What's Falling into your spotlight this year?

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derek nguyen said...

i love love love J.Crew!!
They're pricy though T-T

Ivy Wan said...

yay!! ..yeah T-T....

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