Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hiatus & Project Updates!!

Taupe &Lace [Styling]
by Ivy Wan
Geek &Goddess[Photoshoot]
by Ivy Wan & Friends

- Hey guys (if anyone's still here ^^;), I'm back!!! Sorry I've disappeared for so long! (Yours truly seems to always disappear without notice..) Since the beginning of summer this year, I've been engaging myself in classes again, hoping to catch up with the studies I missed! So I became super, duper busy with school--not to mention, still working part-time. @_@ I barely had time to breathe! Hahaha.. But anyways, thanks to those of you who still check in with me every once in a while. (I LOVE YOUUUU♥) But just in case anyone didn't notice from the feed on the side, I still update my Facebook page ^^ so if my blog feels lonely, you know where to find me!! (IvyOneStyle on

So let's see, here are some direct links to some of the projects I did this year (from oldest to recent)...:) Feel free to view, like, and comment~~! 

6/26/2011 - Innocent Youth/ Make-Up Styling by Yours Truly [PICS]

7/29/2011 - Geek & Goddess Photoshoot/ Teaser & LIVE Behind the Scenes [VID]

8/11/2011 - Geek & Goddess Photoshoot/ Final Product [PICS]

8/11/2011 - Geek & Goddess Photoshoot/ Behind the Scenes [PICS]

9/13/2011 (~Present) - [NEW] Haute Taupe & Lace/ Styling by Yours Truly [PICS]