Monday, December 6, 2010

HOMELESS CHIC (Fall 2010 Photoshoot)

Photography by Yours Truly © Ivy Wan 2010. (Do not steal!!)
The photos are finally out!! Thanks again to those who helped out with the shoot and everyone else for viewing! ♥

I definitely did not get to do my best with these pictures because I had just got my new camera so I wasn't too familiar with it when I used it on this shoot (oh no!) xD so I promise the next one will be better!!!! *grin* (But props to the stylist and makeup artist! You guys did a great job!)

Please view the full album and give us feedback if you have any! ;) Thanks!!! ♥


Ivy Wan (Photography & Hair)
Derek (Stylist)
Vanessa (Make-up)
Brian (Behind the Scene)
Shiowei (Model)
Tim (Model)
Eric (Assistant)
Joe (Assistant)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"HOMELESS" Photoshoot - Behind the Scene

So past Saturday, my friends and I had the photoshoot that we were all planning since October. My friend, Derek (whom you may or may not know by his blog, PopSTYLEcle), from school in New York came down to visit and help out with the styling. The theme was "to look homeless but chic," and I have to give major props to him for the look---the outfits were superb and rather cute!!

But you have NO idea WHAT we went through just to find some of the most ridiculous things for the outfits---A thin leather belt and a pair of long purple socks drove us all the way to the mall where everything either looked too "new" or was out of our budget. The thrift shop was closed and a vintage shop that we had to look up online didn't have them either. (What! No vintage leather belts?! Come on.) So we walked the rest of the small town for its other antique shops... and of course, no luck. Finally---and it was like dark out, our very, very last resorts were Walmart and Sears LOL, where we ended up buying kids' clothes that we tore off the sleeves for socks (and a set of men's long tees that we cut and tore apart as well). I still can't believe we wasted the entire day looking for a stupid pair of purple socks! (And nowhere had them!!! ....So my question is, where do Ravens fans get their socks then? lol!)

Anyway, we stayed up till 3am, cutting, tearing, ripping and sewing.

When Saturday came (the day of the shoot), we met a few new people from Silverspring---Vanessa, our make-up artist, and her guest Eric, who helped us out with the last minute destruction of clothes as we came to realize that the outfits needed to look more raggedy and teased. Shiowei, whom I had also just met, was so kind enough to model for us---They were all such wonderfully easy-going and fun people to work with! (Thanks to Tim, too, who fought through the cold for us with his modeling! And Joe, who lent us her place for the styling and took us around her little town for the shoot. The list just goes on.)

Speaking of the cold..... it was sooo incredibly windy that day that it was hard to withstand, no doubt, but ...highly spectacular for the pictures!! HAHAHA. I had imagined a rather cold, gloomy setting for the models that would acquire pale faces, redden noses and ears, and numbed expressions. So thanks to the weather, I was able to capture a few natural expressions. xD

Click here to view the rest of the Behind the Scene pictures that we took!

The actual pictures from the photoshoot will be released soon! So please anticipate for them!! :)

Derek (Stylist)

Brian (Behind the Scene)

Vanessa (Make-up Artist)

Shiowei (Model)

Tim (Model)

Joe ("Tour")

Eric (Clothing prep)

- Hair & Main Photography by Yours Truly -