Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sweaters for the Cool

It was fun layering up and looking cute in the Fall but when Winter comes around, STAYING WARM is just all I can think about! I’m just so darn sensitive to the cold! And I know a lot of girls (and guys?) don’t like dressing up in Winter either because who wants to look big and all bundled up like a snowman? XD Well, I’ve seen those who refused so much as to wear nothing but a sweater and shorts with boots—which is pretty cute! ..But of course the first thing that comes to mind whenever someone sees that is, “What the freak? Is she CRAZY?!” Yes, she is. …..But she only wanted to look cute.. : (

So let’s find a smarter way to look chic AND be warm! XD

As you’ve probably experienced (and guys have always asked) leggings and skinny jeans DO, in fact, keep our legs much warmer (in a certain amount of time of course) than loose, baggy bottoms no matter how it looks. Because they are so tightly fitting, they act as our second skin and create friction whenever we move, thus keeping us warm. So there you go, as ridiculously as it sounds, my new bottoms for the season!

But the thing with leggings is that you can’t just wear what you normally wear on top (regular tees and hoodies, etc) because it IS quite awkward seeing someone’s hip and "undie" ^^;; area if your tops don’t go over them—You’re technically “covered” but you still look naked! (I’m sure you feel naked too.) I have seen people dressed like that, and it is absolutely unattractive and disturbing!

So to cut the story short, in the fall when I wore leggings, I loved my long tees with cardigans and scarves. In the winter, I’d like to collect a bunch of snuggly, oversized sweaters. There isn’t much mix-and-matching to do, so I like to look for unique color, material, tailoring, patterns, and textures to help make my outfit pop.

Irregular hems, uneven stripes, distressed, ribbed, cable knits, wool blends, cashmere, angora, etc.

Scarves that come huge, thick, long, or circle and knitted, furry hats make great winter accessories to go along with your sweaters.

Since you can’t mix-and-match “above”, you can “below”! Leggings can be worn with shorts or skirts to give your outfit more depth; and shorts come in many different forms and material. For the season’s best choices, you have tweed, wool blend, cordoroy, and even denim that’s classic and timeless. Pleats, godets, and ruffles make it more fun. And leggings come in different patterns—perfectly suitable for solid tops and one pieces. You also have loose legwarmers and rollover socks to go with your boots or sneakers.

If you’re really THAT cold, it’s okay to throw on a coat now because your outfit is so remarkably put together that there’s no way you’ll have to look like that snowman again! (Or Christmas tree, xP)

Speaking of the holidays---but on a very random note xD,
Stay warm (and chic!) everyone!! ;)))))))))

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