Who is Ivy?

Sorry, just an ordinary girl!... I'm Chinese-American (Cantonese/Taiwanese) and I grew up in Maryland, USA. Just like any typical "fashionista", I suppose my interest for style and the likes started all the way back when I was a little girl and I liked drawing and making clothes for my stuffed animals. But the funny thing was, I actually didn't know anything about "fashion" until high school. So I spent most of my childhood in ridiculous and hideous layers with big shoes that would always used to make me trip, thinking I had big feet. But, oh, who wasn't a dork before?

What is my style?  I used to wonder about that too --since I went through so many different styles! I spent the first half of my high school years dressed in loose, oversized "boy" clothes, and then suddenly started showing up in makeup and heels the next half. xD So I was quite subtle. Somedays I'd feel girly, other days tough and unapproachable. But for quite a while, I've been stuck on simply casual and down-to-earth with a fun outburst of color, which is so much more free and comfortable. So I guess this must be my style.... LOL! (Oh, and no more heels thank goodness. I am a walking hazard when I'm in them because I am such a clutz! Plus, I like to jump around a lot so....^^)
What do I do? I was up in New York the past year, studying Fashion Design at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology). Now, I am home on what feels like a mission to learn and experience as much as I can through work and living a different "college life" than I had imagined before. Though it can be quite lonely and discouraging at times because I am far from my friends (and sometimes, even my dreams, it feels like), I'm just glad I managed to get this far with the help of friends, family, and a dear, few others who had came upon my work and decided to give me their support as well. These people, and my love for photography, hair cutting and styling, cosmetics, and style are reasons for me to believe and never give up. You have to go out and beyond---try and challenge, in order to see what you can really do! And only then, will you truly find joy in life. :)

Here's a taste of my work :)
Photography by Yours Truly...



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