Thursday, May 20, 2010

Why ICONscious?

Hello, hello! First post here. So…

Why the name, ICONscious?

The name that originally came to me was actually “i-conscious”, short for “ivy-conscious”—as in this blog was going to be about the style that I love and infamously known to my family and close friends as “ivy style” (haha!). The letter “I” could also stand for the pronoun,“me” as in fashion is a very self-conscious topic.

But then the name became written as ICONscious, and I thought that made way more sense—to be iconically conscious is also what fashion is all about! So now, the name has three different meanings.

Why did I start this blog?
I really never thought of starting one! But as most of my friends and family may know, I am back home right now on a very important break before I return to school in New York so during this time I have here, I realized I do need a way to keep myself motivated and a way for me to keep my ideas running.

So I decided to give this blog a blind shot—hoping that it will help me in those ways. It'll be like keeping a fashion diary! (I should warn you though, if you are following this blog, that I can be very lazy sometimes ^^;; so hopefully, having viewers (and wanting to keep up with those goals I mentioned) will train me to be more responsible and active!)

So you see, I am not commiting a how-to or a documentary for anyone unless you'd like me to, because I do not dare say that I am professional enough to guide anyone. And I will not be disappointed either if no one reads this because my goal is not to have X number of viewers but rather to simply share openly, my thoughts and what I find alluring, with my deepest and most sincere passion in the topic of fashion. ---So view and comment as you like! I will be posting up more entries and pictures of what I've discovered in the past and recently, pretty soon!

Lastly, thanks a bunch for viewing! Please follow ICONscious if you like the topics I cover—Support me! =] (And please share with me your thoughts on my entries. I’d like to know what you think too!!)


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