Sunday, January 16, 2011

LAST CHANCE for Military & Cape!

Spring might be coming ...but winter's not going anywhere, just yet. Folks, has it been snowing on and off where you are too? And the subtle chills in the air, have they been throwing you off on sunny days? --Honestly, I am too happy to see more sun than cloud >___<;; but it's definitely best to be prepared no matter how decieving the weather looks!  ---Which could be a good thing for some of us that don't mind having more time to play around with our spazztacular wardrobe of coz' and layers. Exceptionally, this is also the best time to get your last shopping for the season!

Sweaters, outerwear, and winter accessories are now on sale for a great deal! If you missed the popular call for military coats and fantastical capes from F/W 2010, don't fret. The trend is still to last, and they are now everywhere to be found! Of course, you know where I found mine. ;)

I am a huge fan of the "Adam Couple" from the Korean TV show, "We Got Married" because they are just SO FUNNY! (The show is where celebrities are paired up as false couples and are given missions each week to see how well they interact with each other. And the Adam couple got their nickname for their height lols ^.^) Well, Son Ga-In, the "wife" in the couple and singer from popular girl-band, Brown Eyed Girls, is known for her cool, chic fashion sense. I've always loved her outfits on the show---her wide sleeves, oversized cape jackets and tops. She may be petite but she knows how to make herself pop in utter style.

Moon Geun Young, (right) Korean actress and her style from the recent drama, Mary Stayed Out All Night. Also clash in colorful drapes and wide tops.

^ Her co-star in the drama, Jang Geun-Suk has a unique sense of fashion too as he plays the role of a popular Indie-Rock band vocalist. With a guitar by his side and a long coat that always draws the attention of a peeking scarf, and not to mention, skinny bottoms and boots to emphasize his long legs, his style speaks effortless charm and character. My favorite from him is his military coat, which can be favored by both ladies and gentlemen.

And generally, when we say "Military" I think of olive green--- a color that I am SO obsessed with these days!! Green sweater, green scarf, green leggings, green tights, green shoes.... I don't even know why I'm so drawn to the same colored stuff! XD ..It's like mellow but mysterious and gives a touch of genuinity.

Moon Geun Young again, and her green scarf.

Me and my green scarf (Gap). (It is actually darker green. The lighting in the picture was too bright ^^;;)
Last but not least, FURRY EAR MUFFS!! When I was in Koreatown during my last visit in NY, I remembered to pop into one of those accessory stores and to my luck, I found the ONE AND ONLY "mixed" fur earmuffs!! (the other ones were either all black or all white.) So without a doubt, I bought them xD.

Tada~! Aren't they cute? :))) (And seriously quite warm!)

(Don't say I didn't tell you! :)

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