Monday, December 6, 2010

HOMELESS CHIC (Fall 2010 Photoshoot)

Photography by Yours Truly © Ivy Wan 2010. (Do not steal!!)
The photos are finally out!! Thanks again to those who helped out with the shoot and everyone else for viewing! ♥

I definitely did not get to do my best with these pictures because I had just got my new camera so I wasn't too familiar with it when I used it on this shoot (oh no!) xD so I promise the next one will be better!!!! *grin* (But props to the stylist and makeup artist! You guys did a great job!)

Please view the full album and give us feedback if you have any! ;) Thanks!!! ♥


Ivy Wan (Photography & Hair)
Derek (Stylist)
Vanessa (Make-up)
Brian (Behind the Scene)
Shiowei (Model)
Tim (Model)
Eric (Assistant)
Joe (Assistant)

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derek said...

yay! I just posted about the shoot on my blog too haha

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