Friday, September 10, 2010

Nice Clothes for Nice Kids!

Aren't these kids such precious, little things????? They make the BEST heart-winning models! And I bet you haven't seen them dressed like this before! (Have you?)

(Says the girl who once hated kids and still has no clue what to do when she has to interact with them. lol!)

Hm. I don't know when or how it started but, I've actually grew a liking to these little people... I even thought, numerous times before, how I'd like my own kids to be---Decent, outgoing, confident and inspired. (I knowwww. Easy enough for me to say!) And JCrew's CREWCUTS really protrays this ideal. Adorably bundled up in playful, stylish and expressive layers---it's a conservative look but SO smart, novel, and mischievous!

And honestly, I rather have my kid walk up to a crewcut mannequin dazzling in a ruffle knit dress with belt detail and a mini wool coat with a pair of suede boots---totaling over $100 if you might add, than to have her go, "Mommy, I want that!" at some other girl her age on TV that's wearing a tank top over booty shorts.

Seriously. What is the society trying to convey these days anyway?? I remember seeing a little section of tiny bras for girls ages 5-7 in a department store a few days ago. And then some woman was walking around with her little girl in a strapless tube top with padded chest................ I couldn't believe what I was seeing!! All I have to say is--- People, having your kids dress like that is NOT a good influence! (And some money just can't be saved! Throw a few third pieces into their closet --e.g. cardigans, jackets, vests-- and show them how to mix and match with them! It'll teach them that wearing clothES is stylish---as opposed to NOT wearing much. - .- And who knows, it might even bring out their own creativity in the way they dress! ;)

If you want an idea, Crewcuts is the way to go!

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