Saturday, July 24, 2010

NEW Youtube Channel & First Video!!

Hey guys~!!

I miss this blog so much!!! LOL!! It's only been a few days since I last updated it but it sure felt like YEARS had been taken from my life!!! I've been working like a buzzing, busy bee on my new Youtube channel and first video this past week --And it is soo much work! Hahaha but as always, hard work brings an awesome feeling of accomplishment! :)))) So it was absolutely worth it. It WAS super fun, exciting work too. (I thank Jen and Tim again for helping out with the first video!!)

Anywho, my Youtube is official now. If you had seen the pictures I've uploaded on Facebook from Jen's makeover (link) then you can now watch the makeover on video! However, only part one is currently available. ^^ The second part will be out soon, I promise!




If you watch the video, hope you enjoy it! Be sure to rate it at the end ;)
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Thanks again for all the support!

Love you all!

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derek nguyen said...

i subscribed to you ivy!!!

Ivy Wan said...

yay!!!! thanks!! x)))) <333333333333

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