Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Few Thoughts...


I'm actually at work right now LOL! I was thinking---I didn't get to post anything last week so I should announce what I'm up to these days haha C: and this will just be an informal "behind-the-blog" update from me! :P
I certainly don't know why but it sure seems like people just suddenly have a lot of stuff to ship/deliver these days!! (Here's the laugh if you don't know---I work at a UPS store. HAHA!) I've been running around, packing, answering endless phone calls, and trying my hardest not to be overwhelmed by the sight of more people building up behind my customer at the counter all day! O__O Whew! In fact, the only reason why I am able to work on my blog right now, is just because everyone's left, and I'll be closing the store soon (yay!!)
So I've been thinking..and thinking some more lately.. A few of my friends had been telling me that I should really consider posting up videos on YouTube to showcase my work. The problem is... I'm not really a makeup guru.... so I couldn't think of what videos I would be posting! Haha!!! But HEY, why haven't I ever thought of this..???? I can start a hair styling tutorial channel! The idea just randomly popped up out of nowhere today too but it definitely sounds like so much fun!! First things first though. I am not a professional or licensed stylist so please do not get offended by the videos--I just purely want to share with everyone the way I style C: I absolutely love the idea of doing makeovers too! So I'm thinking of giving one to a different guest each week (or every other week, depending on how much time I have!) So let me know what you guys all think about these ideas~ C; I can't wait to start! Hahaha!!
I don't think I had ever formally thanked anyone yet for supporting my new facebook page! So I want to say--I sincerely thank all of you so, so much!!!! ---Those of you who subscribed to my blog, those who didn't subscribe but have viewed or read any one of my entries, those of you who had commented on them, those who contributed to my entries, those who viewed my page, my work, commented on them as well, liked my page, suggested it to your friends, gave me a spontaneous list of more ideas to consider and probably something else I forgot to mention... but thank you all so much for doing this! It was really a great start for me, and I seriously did not expect any of it. :( You made me realize how much my work CAN be shared and loved with/by those alike! And you gave me this spotlight. It is small and courteous but for me, it offered the brightest, warmest place to stand. C: I love you all so dearly!!! Please promise me you'll stay true to what you love too!


OH! I had no idea you guys couldn't see the comment box until someone told me! Sorry about that~~ I fixed it now. Hopefully you can see it now. c: Let me know if you still can't! ^^;;

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derek nguyen said...

yay its here lols!
you should totally do hair tutorials!! you have my full support with this!!

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